Issue of La Revue Ponts et Chaussées (PCM) journal focusing on smart grids, coordinated by Capenergies

Bernard Mahiou, Managing Director of the Capenergies cluster, was approached by the editorial team of La Revue PCM* for his expertise in the field of smart grids, in particular through the cluster’s involvement in the Flexigrid large-scale deployment programme, steered by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

He has used this expertise to edit a special issue entitled “Smart grids, key factors for the energy revolution”, bringing together 18 related articles on the topic.

  • Towards more social engineering
    Marie-Christine Zélem, Professor of sociology, Jean Jaurès University, Toulouse.
  • Does the France of the Smart grid have what it takes?
    Serge Subiron, CEO, IJENKO.
  • GridPocket, lean start-up for the digital transformation of energy
    Filip Gluszak, CEO GridPocket.
  • SMEs and start-up : fragile flagships of Smart grids
    Eric Morel, CEO, Mach&Team.
  • Smart grids at the heart of the regions
    Christian Estrosi, Président of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
  • Government commitment to the success of the Smart grids sector
    Laurent Michel, Director General for climate and energy, Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea.
  • France, European leader for Smart grids
    Louis Schweitzer, Commissioner General for Investment.
  • The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) supports the development of smart grids.
    Philippe de Ladoucette, Chairman, Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).
  • Digitisation of the electricity transmission network for energy transition
    François Brottes, Chairman of the management board, RTE.
  • Addressing the challenges of energy transition
    Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of the board of directors, Enedis.
  • Smart grids, new challenges for the electricity sector
    Philippe Torrion, Group Senior Executive VP-Innovation and Strategy, EDF.
  • The industrial challenges of deploying smart grids
    Laurent Schmitt, Smart Grid Strategy Leader, Grid Solutions, GE.
  • Redefining the efficiency of the grid as a result of IT/OT convergence
    Vincent Petit, Senior vice-president, Energy Automation Business, Schneider Electric.
  • Favourable conditions for energy storage in smart grids
    Michael Lippert, Marketing and Business Development Manager, SAFT.
  • Le Smart building in the Smart city
    Emmanuel François, Chairman, Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities.
  • Encouraging digital and energy transition in the regions
    Gabrielle Gauthey, Director of Local Development and Investment, Caisse des Dépôts.
  • Energy transition: a new frontier for institutional investors?
    Julien Touati, Corporate Development Director, Meridiam.
  • Smart grids, complexity creating new risks
    Daniel Verwaerde, Chairman, CEA.

*PCM is the journal for civil engineers, water and forestry experts and graduates of the Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (French national school of civil engineering). The 2000 subscribers of this monthly professional publication are provided with a technical review of one umbrella topic in each issue.

The whole issue is available. on line.

FLEXGRID CEI: 33 new projects chosen

Call for Expressions of Interest in the FLEXGRID program

Final results of the FLEXGRID CEI:

133 companies proposing technology and service offers
106 of which are interested in involvement in the Flexgrid projects
60 new projects
or project components
75% from entities in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

The two aims of the Flexgrid CEI were to:

  • Promote technology and service offers to:

– Flexgrid projects
– Major buyers and solution integrators
– Emerging smart grid markets

  • Bring new projects into the Flexgrid programme.


The first step in the assessment process focused on new projects, as they constitute new opportunities to bridge the gap between supply and demand, supplementing the regional and cross-cutting projects of the initial programme.

  • 33 new projects were initially chosen by the FLEXGRID steering committees, who met in late December 2016 and early January 2017. Those involved in these projects will be informed of their decision. The assessment process is continuing for the other projects.
  • Qualification of the product/service offers and applications to be involved in existing projects for this large-scale regional deployment “contract” has started and will continue until April 2017.

The CEI also found that there is a considerable need for discussions between the companies and the regions. This was identified during the 260 meetings held by Capenergies to support entities with building their projects and preparing their offers.

These discussions, and more broadly all the interactions with those involved in the projects since Flexgrid was selected in March 2016, have identified the support needed to ensure that the Flexgrid projects and tenders for Smart Grid contracts are successful, , including:

  • Building and developing projects and offers
  • Visibility of the offer and the application/span>
  • Financial engineering
  • Access to studies and key data
  • Sharing and cooperation initiatives, building relationships, dialogue with national decision-makers
  • Increasing the national and international visibility of projects, offers and those involved

Continuing the dialogue initiated during the entire CEI process, we are available to answer all your questions and suggestions at: rf.di1532276235rgxel1532276235f@tca1532276235tnoc1532276235

Bandeau Financeurs Flexgrid

The initial results of the FLEXGRID call for expressions of interest are in: the Smart Region is up and running!

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) Region and the Capenergies and SCS competitiveness clusters have launched a call for expressions of interest under the FLEXGRID smart grids industrial deployment programme.

Some 126 applications have been received to date, including around 50 new projects or project components. The applications are currently being assessed for short-listing by a committee comprising the PACA Region and the Capenergies and SCS competitiveness clusters. The aim is to identify the competitive strengths and benefits of the proposed services and technologies, so they can be promoted to target buyers by the FLEXGRID programme.

The FLEXGRID call for expressions of interest is now closed for products and services for FLEXGRID projects and solution integrators. The call for entities wishing to submit new projects has been extended until 16 December. Potential bidders will have further opportunities to join the FLEXGRID programme in 2017.

The initial results of the FLEXGRID call for expressions of interest:
Approx. 130 applications received.
including 50 new projects or project components
Uniform distribution across the entire

spectrum of existing projects and requirements

Demanding requirements
to enable FLEXGRID
to create a competitive edge, foster synergies
and showcase offerings and achievements
of applications from entities in the PACA region
More than 240
interviews conducted by Capenergies to support entities during the call for expressions of interest

 The FLEXGRID call for expressions of interest is aimed at all entities in the Smart Grids sector (businesses, training and research centres, local authorities, etc.) that want to join the FLEXGRID programme. Its aims are as follows:

• To promote French technologies and services within the FLEXGRID project portfolio to major buyers and solution integrators and, more generally, to emerging smart grids markets. In an effort to bridge the gap between supply and demand, a Smart Grids needs map has been produced to ensure that offers directly and efficiently target project needs and, more generally, markets where smart grids solutions are in demand.

• To bring new projects into the FLEXGRID programme.

Continuing the dialogue process with project initiators during the initial phase of the call for expressions of interest, we are available to answer your questions by email at rf.di1532276235rgxel1532276235f@tca1532276235tnoc1532276235