Capenergies tasked by the Principality of Monaco to identify high-potential energy innovations

4 September 2017 – The Capenergies competitive cluster, partnered by Accenture consultants and the Azzura Lights start-up, has won a call for tender launched by the Principality of Monaco to help monitor technological developments (technology watch) in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Capenergies – with its “Cap sur l’innov’action énergétique” programme – is the first competitive cluster to be tasked by the Principality’s government to drive their pro-energy transition actions.

The cluster will provide this service in conjunction with the Energy Transition Mission set up by the Monaco government in 2016 to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency and develop the necessary infrastructure for their deployment.

« “With more than 10 years’ experience in the low-carbon energies and energy efficiency sector, collaborating with local authorities in particular, Capenergies was ideally placed to submit the winning tender. As with our all undertakings in Monaco, we are proud to be supporting the government and all the stakeholders in the Principality committed to the energy transition and to be playing our part in this forward-looking mission”, said Bernard Mahiou, Managing Director of Capenergies.

The mission entrusted to Capenergies is three-fold:

  • To monitor global technological developments with the aim of identifying innovations and potential research opportunities for projects in the Principality in line with its ambitious environmental objectives, and to set up meetings with the relevant innovators
  • To support the Energy Transition Mission in defining its actions for raising public awareness and promoting the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies
  • To foster skills development in Monaco’s businesses and industrial stakeholders by identifying training needs specific to the key technologies identified

To achieve these goals, Capenergies is supported by two first-class partners – Accenture, a leading global consulting company offering a range of services to businesses and local authorities alike, and Azzura Lights, a high-potential start-up specialising in providing support for end users of new energy technologies as they become available.

« “We’re delighted to be lending our support in the form of our industrial expertise and international skills base to the government of Monaco in the pursuit of its energy transition strategy” .» said Grégory Jarry, Senior Manager Smart Grids at Accenture.

“By working with Azzura Lights, the Principality’s government is forging links with a sound, approved social enterprise start up. Our company’s guiding principle for sustainability is to systematically promote the shortest possible channels, working with local eco-friendly companies. There’s a strong emphasis on CSR in all our projects”, said Jessica Pellegrini, Founder of Azzura Lights

The Principality has been demonstrating its commitment to greener energy for more than 20 years through its ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and more recently the Paris Agreement. It has set itself some ambitious goals, namely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared with 1990 levels by the year 2030, and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

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