Augier SA

“AUGIER SA, founded in 1954, is one of the world’s leading specialists in street lighting and airport lighting. AUGIER brings its global customer base tailor-made, high-performance solutions for projects in street lighting, site lighting, and lighting and other facilities for airport runways. Its core business focuses on:

– The design and manufacture of systems and equipment for high-voltage and solar energy transport, conversion, efficiency and management. Special transformers.
– The design and production of airport lighting systems and equipment.
– Power line communication systems in parallel, series and high-voltage networks. “

International research opportunities

- When setting up a solar power plant, it is important to optimise transport costs and losses and to ensure that the facility is properly maintained and managed. AUGIER understands that a different solution will be needed in every case. That's why, using our concept, we are able to apply an original, proven solution.

- The majority of medium-sized and large site projects face challenges when it comes to electricity transport and distribution, as well as cost constraints and red tape. Solutions with different power ratings (3,200, 5,500 and 6,600 Volts) can be used to deploy these projects. AUGIER works with you to design and manufacture the products.

Current presence

European Union, South America, Far East, North Africa, Africa (excluding North Africa), French Overseas Territories and Departments and Middle East
- China and United Arab Emirates

Prospected countries

North America, Far East, South-east Asia, European Union and North Africa
- USA, China, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Dubai, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates

Energy sector(s)

Electricity; energy demand management materials, equipment and systems.
- Wind, Solar photovoltaic and Networks and associated systems (meters, remote control device, software programmers, etc.)

Markets covered

Defence/Military, Energy, Rail Transport, Chemicals/Petrochemical/Metalwork, Electrics/Electromechanics, IT