Clean Energy Planet is a French company that has designed an e-bike docking station that keeps an electric bike secure while charging it at the same time. If we want to reduce CO2 emissions, we need to change the way we travel. More and more people are turning to bikes for short journeys (business trips and commutes). The electric bike is a solution that could revolutionise the way we travel. It is easy for anyone to use, energy-efficient, and helps reduce CO2 emissions. Clean Energy Planet has submitted a patent application for an actuator-based locking system that charges an electric bike at the same time. This technology is essential for proper battery operation and to keep bikes charged at all times.

Prospected countries

European Union (Europe (non-EU) and French Overseas Territories and Departments
- Reunion, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland

Energy sector(s)

Energy demand management materials, equipment and systems
- Finished products

Markets covered

Energy, Environment (water, air, soil), Electrics/Electromechanics