GridPocket develops innovative software solutions that allow end-users and public utility services to monitor and display energy consumption.

International research opportunities

GridPocket is looking for international distributors and integrators specialising in energy management solutions for public electricity, gas and water utility services.

GridPocket provides software tools and service integration capabilities to support the deployment of smart telemetry solutions and associated consumption services. GridPocket addresses the needs of public utility services in the energy sectors, as well as IT system integrators worldwide.

Current presence

North America, European Union and Europe (non-EU)

Prospected countries

North America, Central America, European Union and Europe (non-EU)
- USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey and Switzerland

Energy sector(s)

Energy demand management materials, equipment and systems
- Networks and associated systems (meters, remote control device, software programmers, etc.)

Markets covered

Energy, Environment (water, air, soil), IT, Electrics/Electromechanics