POWERSYS is a consulting and software firm that provides comprehensive software engineering solutions and services for industry, research and education, covering power grids and electromechanics.

International research opportunities

POWERSYS carries out research on power grids, isolation coordination, the connection of decentralised production (wind, solar), and all other types of study on power grids (power distribution, short-circuits, harmonics, etc.).

POWERSYS carries out research work, focusing on studies, design, electromagnetic equipment such as electric machines, busbars, transformers, etc.

Current presence

North America, Asia, European Union
- USA, Germany

Prospected countries

North America, South America, Asia, European Union and Africa (excluding North Africa)
- USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Japan, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Senegal, Cameroon

Energy sector(s)

- Solar photovoltaic and Wind

Markets covered

Aviation/Aerospace, Automotive, Defence/Military, Electrics/Electromechanics, Energy, IT, Naval and Rail Transport