Research and deployment of thermal treatment equipment and thin-film applications for micro- and nanotechnologies, as well as specialist machines involving special gases, vacuum technologies, instrumentation, ultra-pure fluids, mass spectrometry. Vegatec also carries out thermal treatments to apply optical thin films on silicon.

International research opportunities

VEGATEC provides bespoke thermal treatment services on various substrates, including optical thin films on silicon for planar waveguides
VEGATEC is looking for partners to develop innovative materials and associated equipment (cvd, spray, sol-gel, etc.)

Current presence

European Union

Prospected countries

North America, European Union, Asia and North Africa
- USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland

Energy sector(s)

Energy demand management materials, equipment and systems
- Production Equipment and Materials

Markets covered

Aviation/Aerospace, Defence/Military, Microelectronic/Electronics, Nanotechnologies, Optronics/Photonics