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FLEXIGRID: highlights from the event presenting the European project to stakeholders of optimized energy systems

The partners of the European project FLEXIGRID, financed by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, organized on Friday, March 26th 2021 a virtual event which gathered more than 50 stakeholders of the optimized energy systems sector.

This interactive event was an opportunity to present the activities and expected results of the project, which aims to implement interoperable solutions to bring more flexibility to the network. The initiated exchanges allowed to share stakeholders’ visions of the challenges of the European electric system of the future.

As a partner of the FLEXIGRID project, Capenergies invites you to discover this event’s contents:

Innovative solutions to answer the challenges raised by renewable energies for electricity distribution networks in Europe

To introduce the event, Samuel Borroy, researcher at CIRCE Foundation and coordinator of the project, underlined FLEXIGRID’s main objective: ensure a secure and stable operation of electricity distribution networks hosting an important share of variable renewable energies.

To achieve this, the project provides for the development and implementation of a set of innovative hardware and software solutions, among which the secondary substation of the future, smart meters with new functionalities, and software solutions allowing notably forecasting and grid operation, as well as the management of congestion situations.

The consortium in charge of this project gathers 15 academic and industrial partners from 5 EU countries: research and technology organizations and universities, SMEs and large companies, and distribution system operators. Capenergies is part of them, and is in particular leading the actions on the business models and the exploitation strategy of the project results, which aim to prepare their deployment on the market.

A key year for the project implementation

The year 2021 will be marked by the pursuit of the solutions’ development and by the launch of demonstration activities in 4 European countries: Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy.  

During the March 26th event, the partners in charge of the realization of these demonstrations presented the characteristics of the selected sites, as well as the use cases that will be tested within the framework of each of them. The latter reflect challenges commonly faced by European distribution networks: protections for grids operating with a significant share of renewable energy sources, or energy system optimization for residential or commercial customers, for instance.

Finally, the intervention by Cristiana Marchitelli, Policy Officer at the European Commission’s DG ENER, and those by representatives of the Municipality of Kiffisia (Greece), Cuerva Group (Spain), HEP-ODS (Croatia) and TERNA (Italy), highlighted different perspectives on the challenges associated with the energy and digital transition, the needs of the actors of the energy sector in this context, and the role that the solutions developed within the framework of the FLEXIGRID project could have in answering them.

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