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Establish a platform of services to fast-track the implementation of energy-efficient retrofits

A project selected in the context of the European Commission’s European LIFE programme.

CONCERTO RENOV sets out to streamline the process for households by bringing all of the stakeholders in the energy-efficient retrofit value chain together on a single platform, a fully-fledged integrated solution ranging from home energy assessments to monitoring of post-work energy savings.

  • Project duration: 3 years (2022 to 2025)
  • Budget: €1.5m

A single platform to fast-track action by households in achieving high-quality, whole house energy retrofits.

The 2 pillars underpinning CONCERTO RENOV are:

  • A coordinated ecosystem bringing together all of the stakeholders (operators, companies in the building industry and households) for a local, coordinated service provision,
  • The CONCERTO tool, developed by SONERGIA with the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB), to perform a home energy assessment and draw up retrofit scenarios.

Energy-efficient retrofitting of homes in Europe and France: 
a major source of savings for households and a more comfortable living environment


85 to 95% of current building stock will still exist in 2050, and much of it is reliant on fossil fuels for heating and air-conditioning. 
At present, only 11% of the EU’s existing building stock undergoes some level of renovation every year. Deep renovations that reduce energy consumption by at least 60% only concern 0.2% of the building stock. 
This pace is much too slow for a swift attainment of carbon neutrality in the building sector, while energy poverty is still a major challenge, with 34 million Europeans unable to afford to heat their homes adequately. 

3.8 million households are struggling to pay their heating bills.

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CONCERTO RENOV: a project spearheading the “renovation wave for Europe” 

In 2020, the European Commission published the strategy “A Renovation Wave for Europe – greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives” to stimulate EU-wide renovation.

Its objective: to double the annual rate of energy-efficiency improvements over the next ten years. 

The renovation wave identifies 3 priority areas:

  • Tackle energy poverty and renovate the worst-performing buildings,
  • Renovate public buildings,
  • Decarbonise heating and cooling systems.

The project's key stages

Once this inclusive model has been approved, the partners will encourage its replication in France and other European countries.

The partners

5 French partners, who specialise in home retrofit projects, support for households, energy performance certificates and advanced energy solutions:


Read the first CONCERTO newsletter – The latest on home energy retrofitting Here 

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The deliverables of the CONCERTO RENOV project are uploaded on the website of the coordinator SONERGIA as and when they become available and are freely accessible.

The LIFE programme: a funding instrument of the European Commission dedicated to supporting innovative public or private projects bearing on the environment and climate.