Technology transfer between laboratories and businesses: Capenergies signs a partnership agreement with SATT Sud Est

Olivier Freneaux, President of SATT Sud Est, and Christian Bonnet, President of Capenergies, have signed a partnership agreement covering technology transfer to businesses in the energy and innovation sector. The partners are aiming to foster the development of products and services that boost the local economy and create jobs.

Olivier FRENEAUX, President, SATT Sud Est, © 2013 SATT PACA Corse SAS Christian Bonnet, President of Capenergies

Marseille – Aix-en-Provence. The two organisations, looking to make their close ties official, have joined forces and signed a partnership agreement on the transfer of innovative technology from SATT Sud Est to businesses operating in the fields covered by the Capenergies cluster.

This new technology partnership also encompasses awareness-raising campaigns to give laboratories a better understanding of the cluster’s development activities. The partners will carry out regular joint communication campaigns about projects with transfer potential, mature technology calls for projects, and closer ties between research organisations and target businesses.

SATT Sud Est helps businesses in the region become more competitive by harnessing innovative technologies emerging from public research in PACA and Corsica – an area encompassing 10,000 permanent researchers and PhD students (the third-highest number of public researchers in France) and an R&D budget of €600 million per year. SATT’s core focus is to bring to maturity inventions from regional research laboratories owned by its shareholders, with a particular emphasis on legal matters (IP), the economy (market) and technology (proof of concept). Its aim is to transfer these innovative technologies to industry by granting operating licences to businesses.

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