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Technology platforms

The collaborative platforms are veritable experimental laboratories for innovation projects, accelerating the transfer of technology between public research and businesses on the major issues of the future for the Energy Transition: integrating renewable energies into the grid, artificial intelligence, hydrogen technologies, decarbonisation of uses, etc.

Capenergies has direct links with several of them:


🎯 Developing a technological research offering that addresses the major societal challenges of the energy transition, climate change, the carbon cycle and food security

The Cité des énergies' technological offering is based on technology platforms operated and maintained by BIAM and the Technological Research Division (DRT) of the CEA (formerly CEA Tech PACA in the Southern Region) and CEA-Liten.

Under collaborative contracts, these scientific facilities are open to academic and/or industrial partners.

THE BIAM is a CEA/CNRS/AMU multidisciplinary research institute whose mission is to advance knowledge and propose bio-technological solutions to meet the major challenges posed by the ecological and energy transition.

BIAM is developing 3 lines of research:

  • From photosynthesis to bioenergy ;
  • Responses and acclimatisation to environmental challenges ;
  • From the principles of life to biomolecules and biomaterials.

Each of these areas addresses major societal challenges such as climate change, the carbon cycle, energy and food security, and biotechnologies for health and the environment.

THE CEA'S TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH DIVISION s mission is to create technological innovation to help make French businesses more competitive. To this end, it provides manufacturers with expertise and support in the following areas dedicated application platforms in particular for the "Cité des Énergies" project with :

The Microalgae and Processes platform dedicated to the study of microalgae production processes (CEA Tech in the South of France);

The photovoltaic solar platform dedicated to outdoor testing of innovative photovoltaic modules and systems in real-life conditions (CEA-LITEN).

Based in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (13)


IMREDD technology platform

🎯 Materialising on an industrial scale various key concepts and technologies for the Smart city of the future.

  • Intelligent territories,
  • Industry of the future,
  • Energy solutions for buildings,
  • Electric and autonomous mobility.
EQUIPMENT : The SCIC develops most of its activities within the framework of collaborative research contracts but also offers a range of services to companies, including catalogue services, customised services, events and technological demonstrations. Covering an area of 1,400 m2, the site provides local ecosystem players with an unrivalled range of resources (equipment, expertise and know-how):
  • Prototyping, small production runs and ways of recovering materials
  • Analysis: surface texture, 2D & 3D dimensional analysis, characterisation: thermal, rheological, mechanical
  • Energy solutions for buildings: Testing innovative energy solutions for the production of renewable energy and the storage and management of electrical energy.
  • Smart Home: Creating a living lab to develop innovative solutions: IoT, user experience, sensors
  • Smart Mobility: Experimenting and imagining use cases for electric and autonomous mobility
Based in Nice (06)


🎯 Catalysing your industrial innovations


With over 80% of private funding, TEAM Henri-Fabre aims to support the competitiveness of industrial companies through a multi-pillar innovation approach.

It mobilises a network of industrial, academic and institutional partners to federate groups around projects with technical and societal challenges.


Their shared platform brings together resources and services dedicated to manufacturers.

Located in the south-east of France on a site of over 3000 m2, it welcomes partners and enables you to test, develop and qualify your innovative solutions on :

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Materials and coatings
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Digitalising industrial practices


Boost your innovation

  • Exploring your industrial issues
  • Collaborative cross-pillar resolution

Boost your competitiveness

  • Raising awareness of Industry of the Future issues
  • Diagnosis and transformation roadmap
  • Testing and integrating new technologies

Develop your business

  • Promoting your technology offering
  • Connection between payroll and partner

Based in Marignane (13)


Sourcing, testing, validation and transfer of innovation in mechanics, materials and processes

🎯 Supporting companies in integrating new technologies to enhance industrial performance


  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Industrial processes and resources.



INOVSYS has both a design office and a 500 m² laboratory. This space is dedicated to testing and validating innovations. It includes 10 metal and polymer 3D printers, a 3D scanner, a cobot and characterisation equipment.

More than 250 projects have been completed for major accounts (Airbus/EDF) and VSEs/SMEs since the shared platform was set up in 2014.

Based in Marignane (13)

CISAM (Aix-Marseille City of Innovation and Knowledge)


 🎯 A unique space for entrepreneurial creativity, meetings and enrichment in the Aix-Marseille region

A unique space for entrepreneurial creativity, encounters and enrichment in the Aix-Marseille area, CISAM is the fruit of the intelligence and ambitions shared by the largest French-speaking university, Aix-Marseille Université, the largest metropolis in France, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, and two French multinationals: CMA CGM and the L'OCCITANE Group. Sharing the same desire to develop scientific culture and innovation in the service of economic growth, these partners have come together around a unique concept: to bring together on the same site all the resources needed to stimulate innovative approaches and make them more fluid. As a place to meet, create, incubate and accelerate projects, CISAM has established itself as a space serving all those involved in innovation in the Aix-Marseille region.

CESAM (Aix-Marseille Scientific Skills and Equipment)

As part of its mission to stimulate innovative approaches, Aix-Marseille Université and CISAM, with the support of A*Midex, have developed CESAM, the new search engine for the socio-economic, associative and cultural worlds.

What is CESAM's objective?

Provide a clear overview of the laboratories on the Aix-Marseille site and simplify research and access to their expertise and available equipment.

What are the concrete benefits for a partner?

  • Meet your needs for training, expertise, research and R&D collaboration with people who have the skills and expertise you are looking for.
  • Develop your partnerships: CESAM enables you to discover new partners and develop new collaborations.


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Aix-Marseille platforms

The aim is to make cutting-edge infrastructure available to the socio-economic world and the scientific community for the provision of services, collaborative partnerships and research contracts. Aix-Marseille University, CNRS and Inserm have created the "Plateforme Aix-Marseille" label.

Cutting-edge technologies located in a public research laboratory (or research federation) in Aix Marseille and backed by high-level scientific and technological skills, open to a community of public or private users.

The accredited platforms are ideal locations for innovation and development, enabling complex, high-quality services to be provided, as well as training and expertise activities.

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  • Enedis showroom "Innovating to build the new electricity France".

 🎯 An educational and fun place to learn about the issues and the essential role of electricity distribution network management in achieving the ecological transition.

This showroom, aimed at local authorities and elected representatives, our customers, stakeholders and partners, creates synergies between start-ups and local businesses. The educational trail highlights the modernisation of the electricity distribution network to make it more connected, intelligent and efficient, thanks in particular to the Linky meter, as well as the integration of renewable energies and the development of clean mobility to support the ecological transition.

Based in the Les Milles business park in Aix-en-Provence (13)

Website :