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Welcome to the 21 new entities joining the Capenergies cluster in 2024!

The Capenergies community expands with the arrival of 21 new entities

International groups, SMEs, consultancies, etc. all contribute to the energy sectors of the future: decarbonisation of industry, integration of hydrogen technologies, industrial performance, nuclear power, batteries, etc.

Meet the new members of Capenergies ↓


Canupi is a complete elevation-renovation operator offering a financing solution for the comprehensive energy renovation of collective housing, using elevation as a technical and financial tool. This economic and construction model makes it possible to finance renovation and create opportunities for ZAN housing. Canupi offers a complete package for the renovation-elevation operation.

Skills and know-how :
  • Architects and developer
  • Carrying out a renovation project from A to Z
  • Covering every stage in the overall redevelopment of existing buildings, as well as the design, construction, sale and guaranteed performance of new homes
Products and services :
  • A comprehensive renovation and renovation package including : Feasibility study, diagnostics, co-design of the project with the co-owners, administrative and financial management, financing, processing of grant applications, building site completion, handover and energy performance guarantee.


Founded in 2022 and based in Lyon, CARBON has a project to develop an industry integrating the core of the value chain to produce and market competitive, high-performance, reliable, sustainable and low-carbon photovoltaic wafers, cells and modules on a large scale.

Products and services :
  • Photovoltaic cells and modules
  • Manufacture of silicon wafers, cells and photovoltaic modules

CERAP (50)

CERAP (Conseil et Études en Radio Protection) has been specialising in risk prevention in the nuclear environment for over 35 years. Through its various entities, it brings together a range of expertise to help protect people, the environment and nuclear facilities.

Skills and know-how :
  • Prevention in the fields of Radiation Protection, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Instrumentation and Measurement, Project Management and Occupational Health & Safety Training
Products and services :
  • Expertise, technical assistance and training in the nuclear field


CT Ingénierie is an international engineering and innovation consultancy group that has been operating in the south-east of France for over twenty-five years. The group supports its customers in developing their products and managing their industrial investments throughout their life cycle.

Skills and know-how :
  • Product engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Product support engineering
Products and services :
  • Services engineering (CT Engineering covers the entire product life cycle)


Founded in 2005, Enero Solutions™ is a specialist software engineering company offering advanced process control solutions, products and services designed to increase the productivity and flexibility of plants with a continuous manufacturing process. Enero Solutions™ actively participates in the energy transition and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and the energy industry via energy optimisation, green energy and "microgrid" electricity network coordination.

Products and services :
  • Process control and performance engineering, energy performance analysis tools, intelligent solutions for controlling the combustion of solid fuels (biomass, waste, RDF, etc.).


Founded in 1970, EURETEQ has historically specialised in engineering for the transport of sensitive fluids through pipelines. Over the last few years, it has taken the energy transition in its stride, putting its skills at the service of the hydrogen industry. Its multidisciplinary approach, based on a wealth of in-house experience, makes it an ideal partner for hydrogen project developers. EURETEQ has also developed a high-voltage electricity transmission offer based on its experience of pipeline studies.

Skills and know-how :
  • Technical engineering for linear structures, technical engineering for industrial installations
  • Administrative engineering and environmental management
Products and services :
  • FEAGISa decision-making tool for pipeline route studies


FINOVEUROPE SAS is a consultancy specialising in supporting private and public organisations in their sustainable innovation strategy and its collaborative implementation, in particular via projects co-financed by European and national private and public funds. FINOVEUROPE's partners have over 20 years' experience in innovation management consultancy.

Skills and know-how :
  • Setting up, financing and managing national and European collaborative research and innovation projects
  • Development of strategies for disseminating and promoting the results of these projects
Products and services :
  • Innovation management consulting services


HEVATECH is an innovative company, owner of 2 patented waste heat recovery solutions, which has just merged with H2P SYSTEMS. It specialises in processes and technologies for recovering waste heat, in particular by converting it into electricity, and is developing the TURBOSOL range of products with outputs of between 30 and 1000 kWe.

Skills and know-how :
  • Development, testing and industrialisation of thermal machines for the energy transition and decarbonisation of industry
Products and services :
  • HEVATECH offers 2 solutions for recovering waste heat over a wide temperature range from 300°C to 1000°C, with the particularity of cogeneration in the form of electricity:
  • TURBOSOL in the 300°C - 600°C range
  • H2P in the 600°C - 1000°C range


H-Expertise Services S.A.S is a French company offering services and expertise in a range of scientific fields. The process begins with a needs assessment in collaboration with their own teams, so that we can identify and propose the most appropriate solutions to meet their requirements.

Skills and know-how :
  • Geophysics and environmental sciences
Products and services :
  • Analysis of fluid inclusions
  • Marine environmental modelling and ecotoxicology (MRE, offshore wind energy, oil & gas)
  • Training

H2S (83)

Project development in the green hydrogen sector optimised by artificial intelligence.

Skills and know-how :
  • Market research Project management Programming,
  • Algorithm
Products and services :
  • Facilitating and accelerating projects in the green hydrogen sector
  • Optimising green hydrogen production with algorithms


NEREID WATER is a game changer, providing food and water security by desalinating seawater without using fossil fuels or discharging brine. NEREID WATER uses this distilled water to make it drinkable, but above all to produce bio-fertilisers under glass in an autonomous way, producing circular agriculture in arid and semi-arid zones.

Skills and know-how :
  • Desalination crystallisation
  • Autonomous greenhouses producing bio-fertilisers (applications in marinas, industries and marine activities)
Products and services :
  • Desalination pilot
  • Self-contained greenhouses


The NGE Group has a long history in public works and has diversified into construction and public works, TSO rail and energy with Energies Solutions.

Skills and know-how :
  • BTP
  • TP
  • Earthworks
  • Building
  • Energy
Products and services :
  • Design expertise
  • High and low voltage electrical installation + digital


Based in Paris since 2018, the company, a subsidiary of the eponymous Group, develops, operates, builds and invests in renewable energy, particularly wind and photovoltaic farms.

Skills and know-how :
  • Early and transparent communication on projects
  • A call to local businesses
  • Financial benefits for municipalities thanks to additional revenue
  • An examination of the possibilities for resident participation (energy cooperatives),
  • The prospect of a clean power plant for local authorities
Products and services :
  • Wind and photovoltaic farms, farm management, co-development, equity investment, construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects


PlanetMobility has developed Smart Mobility, a solution for sharing company vehicles, optimising their use and reducing the total number of vehicles in the fleet.

The solution integrates seamlessly with business systems and processes, optimising fleet management activities, including vehicle reservation and availability management, as well as reporting. It can be deployed in a wide variety of fleets, including those equipped with electric vehicles.

Skills and know-how :
  • Outsourced management and optimisation of vehicle fleets,
  • Sustainable development carbon footprint,
  • Car-sharing and car-pooling
Products and services :
  • Car-sharing and car-pooling vehicle reservation application


Smart Energy carries the SmartHelp solution Although there are a number of tools available today for the technical management of consumption, SmartHelp is the solution that automates the analysis of bills and identifies areas where savings can be made.

Skills and know-how :
  • Energy management
  • IA
  • IPMVP protocol
  • Understanding the local authority environment
Products and services :
  • Digital solution SmartHelp Energy trading


Founded in 2022 by Thomas Cautier, Sunethic is a FrenchTech company with a mission to make photovoltaic energy accessible to everyone through a range of plug-and-play solar stations designed, manufactured and assembled in France, making Sunethic a pioneer in this field. Delivered ready to use and easy to install, Sunethic solar stations are a turnkey solution that make it as easy and quick as possible for anyone to switch to green energy.

Skills and know-how :
  • Design and distribution of do-it-yourself French photovoltaic solutions, for better affordability and profitability, with complete confidence and peace of mind.
Products and services :
  • Self-connection stations in 5 minutes per panel, to a socket for up to 4 panels or directly to the switchboard if more than 4 panels. Do-it-yourself solar roof kit


TechnoCarbon designs, develops, manufactures and markets ultra-low-carbon or carbon-neutral products and systems. Its innovation, CFS (CarbonFiberStone), is the first sustainable material to rival steel and reinforced concrete in performance.

Products and services :
  • Sustainable, low-carbon, high-performance materials Ultra-low-carbon or carbon-neutral energy plants RDTI: Research, Development, Technology, Industrialization


UM6P France is the French subsidiary of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, based in Morocco, which conducts research and industrial pilot projects on hydrogen, with a view to its production using renewable energy sources, for applications in transport, energy and the production of carbonaceous fertilisers.

UM6P France is interested in industrial or research and innovation collaborations with companies and start-ups working on hydrogen in France or with research centres active in the field.


Founded in 1968 and autonomous since 1 January 2012, the University of Toulon (UTLN) has made attractiveness the focus of its multi-year contract. It relies on its strong local roots, and in particular its links with the region's socio-economic world, to tailor its range of courses and research activities to the expectations of its economic and institutional partners. UTLN is a multidisciplinary institution outside the health sector, offering around a hundred courses and with 14 research laboratories on 3 campuses.


A subsidiary of the Veolia Group, Veolia's Waste-to-Energy branch in the Southern Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region recycles and recovers waste throughout the region, with some 500 facilities in operation.

Recyclage & Valorisation des Déchets France is a partner to many industrial companies and local authorities, and its ambition is to become the benchmark producer of renewable resources in France.

Products and services :
  • The company offers a complete range of innovative solutions at every stage of the waste cycle, from collection to sorting and treatment, to conversion and recovery into materials and energy.

XPADEV Sasu (13)

XPADEV helps companies carry out their Bilan Carbone®. Through technical and managerial assistance in implementing a project and/or action plans to reduce GHG emissions. XPADEV offers support in building and validating new added value.

Skills and know-how :
  • Industrial energy audits and diagnostics
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Industrial decarbonisation action plan / Low-carbon solar PV/th and geothermal strategy
Products and services :
  • Carbon Footprint
  • ACT Initiative®
  • Diag Décarbon'action
  • Eco flow diag
  • Industrial energy audit, RE opportunity study