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Discover the innovative projects that will be awarded the label in 2023!


Discover the 37 innovative projects accredited by the Capenergies cluster's committee of experts in 2023.

Solar, bioenergy, nuclear, wind power, hydrogen, energy efficiency, storage, optimised control, low-carbon mobility, decarbonisation of buildings and industry, etc.: these projects, at different levels of technological maturity, provide new levers for the energy transition and economic competitiveness.

86%* of these projects have already received funding have already obtained funding, a success rate more than 2 times higher than the national average, and for the 1st time this year, the majority of projects examined by the labelling committee are collaborative projects, with a new record of 130 players involved

Congratulations to all the project leaders and partners, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to take advantage of our support programme ()

"Obtaining the Capenergies label means giving your project a better chance of success".

Recognised as a mark of excellence, the national label of competitiveness clusters is awarded to the most promising innovation projects; projects awarded the label achieve a success rate up to 2 times higher than national calls for projects.


In addition to awarding the label, our discussions with project leaders on the committee, based on our combined skills and expertise, are designed to make a constructive contribution to consolidating projects and maximising their chances of success and implementation, in addition to the upstream support provided by the cluster's team, whose quality and commitment I would like to highlight here.

2023 once again illustrates the quality of this support, with 86 % of approved projects having completed their appraisal being financed, bringing to ‚ā¨631m the amount of aid obtained since the cluster was created, for a total budget of ‚ā¨3,312m.

Finally, it should be noted that 60% of the projects supported by the cluster were candidates for a national "France 2030" call for projects, and 72% of the winning Energy projects in the national programme in the South region were the result of this support. These figures demonstrate the close alignment of Capenergies' innovation ecosystem with the national objectives set to develop industrial competitiveness and the technologies of the future.

Olivier APPERT


Chairman of the Capenergies Labelling Committee and Member of the Acad√©mie des technologies, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Conseil Fran√ßais de l'√Čnergie, which he chaired from 2010 to 2018.


* ratio on projects whose appraisal by the financing operator has been completed